Jacob Lawrence, "The Wedding" (1948)
Jacob Lawrence, The Wedding (1948)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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November 20 2002:

Black felt pen. "Dolphin off the rocks, leaping & dancing like my happy heart." In microscopic script in the corner of the page she added with an aqua-colored pen, "K. likes you."

3am. Interior of a small bedroom, lit by streetlight through the blinds. Tall thin boy and lovely peach-colored girl lie in each other's arms beneath a single thin sheet. She's asleep, long blond hair spilled across his chest. He's awake, eyes misty, watching her breathe.

In his journal next morning, he writes, "She seduced me with tenderness and humor, left me dazzled and sleepless, and full."

Strange that you can date the exact moment at which you experienced greatest happiness in this life.

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