These are collections of Workbook pieces grouped by theme or technique. Some of them are grouped to imply extended narratives, others are unstructured. Nearly all of this work attempts in some way to avoid linearity. Art of Vignette has more.

An anthology of pieces offered as examples:

Drafts of books in progress, grouping Workbook pieces or using them as sketchpads:

Collections of Workbook pieces grouped by theme:

Collections grouped by technique:

A traditional Modernist set-piece, satirizing the theatricality of right-wing politics:

A large-scale textual virtual world. In my opinion, textual virtual worlds fulfill the formal and thematic agendas of Postmodernism. Along with other scholarly fora, The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism agrees, citing TriadCity as its culminating example of literary Postmodernism. This is further explained here on the SmartMonsters website. There's also a good Wikipedia article on TriadCity:

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