1. My cancer is like a friend who screens me from those parts of the world from which I choose to disengage.
  2. Smoke. Black, gray, white.
  3. Bodies in the fog.
  4. It rained while she died.
  5. Black curtains, black towels, black sheets...
  6. Martyr to her own beauty and the cruelty of others.
  7. In the dust on the old man's shelves...
  8. There was a night when she glowed in the dark.
  9. Haight Street emo...
  10. Slips in the shower...
  11. Rose, lovely and helpful, stands friendly behind the reception desk.
  12. The way she leaves half-full ashtrays at points around the house...
  13. Faux Etruscan amphorae on a shelf above the door.
  14. Thin boys in a 1968 Chevy Nova, canary yellow.
  15. With her sister at the aquarium.
  16. Sink into the sand, my Valentine rose.
  17. Restless.
  18. Matted tail. Yellow mucus hardening at the corners of his mouth.
  19. We were driving west on I-10, from Austin back to California.
  20. Three peculiar ideologies of the work which artists do.
  21. They let her go at the end of a working day...
  22. "This is so much fun!"
  23. Her resentment at the way stupid Americans pronounce her name:
  24. I saw him on the bus one morning with a teenage girl in braces.
  25. 1992, bus stop, Larkin and Hayes.
  26. Oh no! An error occurred!
  27. She came home to find her girlfriend unconscious on the couch...
  28. Bridesmaids in the arcade...
  29. Sad, eaten away.
  30. Whatever it is King Jerry sells, his customers do require.
  31. Subject: dress up Mondays.
  32. How the mouse felt...
  33. Coast Guard wives...
  34. Cigarette ashes inside her car, thick like gray-white slush...
  35. At lunch one day she leapt to my ear...
  36. Rain of frogs.
  37. Midnight in the City of Cardbaord.
  38. Knowing she's hurting herself.
  39. Afternoon sunlight on a pasture outside Hebo, Oregon.
  40. I saw his fingers tremble at the ticket counter.
  41. Market Street sidewalk, late afternoon. Angry light, angry shadows.
  42. He walks with raised elbows, as if they were resting on fence posts to either side.
  43. She lost her virginity on a college field trip to the countryside outside Chiang Mai...
  44. she has child's fingers
  45. Blood.
  46. Mark the miles with melatonin...
  47. i live in a big house but i hide in a small room
  48. frustration
  49. "Story" as reactionary literary ideology.
  50. City buses, subway trains. Motion and mass.
  51. I feel as old...
  52. Shear the sheep with knives of black flint.
  53. Midnight in the City of Cardboard.
  54. Print dress...
  55. She's more lost than me.
  56. By the time I return the little homeless girl has nodded out...
  57. Rain, merely.
  58. Eaten by ants.
  59. The universe dies from its own momentum...
  60. From among the gray-white headstones a thin string dances.