April 23, 2016:

Suzy Sorority snaps her gum and talks. Both reflexes are natural to her, along with: rocking her leg back and forth, complaining, shopping, and swiping left with her nose turned up. Her future is written, although she doesn't know that. Marriage to a star athlete, tract house, children, boredom. She's Mrs. Robinson, although she'd fail to recognize the reference. Right now she's talking, swiping, rocking her leg, snapping her gum, texting. Making the downtime invisible.

Johnny Overalls will never know her. Other than "excuse me" they'll never speak, as his studied refusal to look in her direction testifies. He's slumped, mouth open, rocking his knees together, scratching his paint-flecked knee. They are not the same tribe.

Mr. Business Suit throws himself back in his chair, shaking the entire row; he's all white shirt and cufflinks and polished black shoes, oblivious. We all know he's here. Probably not the way he'd like us to.