July 2, 2019:

He was in love, but he unknowingly treated her poorly. It was entirely undeliberate. His focus was so extreme that other people bounced off him without being fully acknowledged. He should have made her the priority, but, instead, his time went to the typewriter and the books.

It was about the future. He loved the present, but the future was doom and it loomed like death, because it was death, and it was coming for us all.

The capitalists had won, the revolution had failed, it was important to learn the lessons from that failure to avoid future defeat. It was important to renew the struggle for justice and democracy and a sustainable world, where the unsustainable world was being profit-ed to extinction before the eyes of all.

Still. There was much love in that little room. With its murphy bed and its books and its freedom. It was a moment when all things seemed possible.