July 9, 2019:

La Catrina the cult leader wannabe sits with her back to the experts.

She's claiming mastery of Gnosticism, but, she's wrong, and there's no arguing with her, as there's no arguing with any other cult leader wannabe. You could, I suppose, go on about Valentinus and the early Church. But it's not clear that's her interest, or even that she's using the word "gnosticism" in its correct historical meaning.

It's possible she's talking about gnosticism's contemporary epgones in the New Age. I don't know. It's not really clear what she's talking about.

Doesn't matter. She's never wrong. She can't be wrong. Point to an error, she'll claim privileged sources of information. By which she means: her mystical journeys to the interior of her own head, her imagination projected outward onto a world she invents because the one that exists is beyond her control.

Hans Jonas, Elaine Pagels, Kurt Rodolph, R.T Wallis, the Nag Hamadi texts, Roelof van den Broek, Frances Yates, plus two more shelves on the Hermetic traditions, the Cathars, and their derived modern epigones in the New Age. She has her back to them. I'm not sure she knows they're there.