August 3, 2019:

Judgment without generosity, smugness without compassion. Probably masking great fear, that she'll slide, to where she'll need the help she finds so humiliating.

It's revelatory to her when I explain the side effects of antidepressants. "Is that why my sister is so xyz all the time?"

Yet this enlightenment seems to engender no greater humility. She scoffs at my home décor, passive-aggressively snarks "Hello!" when I pop a soda, insults my lifestyle choices and the fact that my rented house has a storage space she mockingly labels a "wine cellar". As though that irrelevancy reflects defects of character.

Sad irony. Her erstwhile bestie once behaved similarly — toward her. Those descriptions sound active-aggressive while her behaviors toward me are passive. In the end the aggression is just as hurtful.