I write for and produce two bands, 6L6, and The New Markettes.

6L6 play American roots music, blues and country lineages. However they play it exceptionally loudly, which I guess places them in the '60s tradition of electrified folk gone thermonuclear. Most of the songs are first position guitar riffs backed with thick walls of garage-y murk. Folk-punk? Think Jason And The Scorchers with six times as many guitars.

The New Markettes emphasize rhythms and accents from around the world, without trying to play them "authentically". They sound like white kids from the suburbs who enjoy a rhythm pallet which is wider than usual. We lie and describe this as music for children, because adults sometimes seem confused by its exuberance. Uncool music. Fun's not cool.

Both are in pre-production. Links to the bands' home and MySpace pages will be here eventually. Right now there are a handful of demos online. If yr interested in these, write me for access.

Thanks for coming!