Abstracts: Green

"People who are red-green color blind can often distinguish between the two colors but confuse them with other colors, for example, bright green with yellow; dark green with brown."

  • Green symbolizes go in its use in traffic signals, railway signals and ship signals. Fire escape exit signs are green in some countries, but red in others.
  • Green is considered the traditional color of Islam, likewise because of its association with nature. Muhammad is reliably quoted in a hadith as saying that "water, greenery, and a beautiful face" were three universally good things. Also, in the Qur'an, sura Al-Insan, followers of Allah in Jannah wear fine green silk.
  • In the Middle Ages, green represented evil or demonic beings (including dragons) and sometimes love.
  • Green is a traditional color of the sacred science of canon law.
  • Green is a symbol of Ireland, which is often referred to as "the Emerald Isle". The color is particularly identified with the republican and nationalist traditions in modern times. It is used this way on the flag of the Republic of Ireland, in balance with the Protestant orange.
  • Green also serves as a symbol of the Esperanto language. The color is particularly associated with the green star, and is seen too on the Esperanto flag.
  • Because of its camouflage properties, green is typically used for the field uniforms for many military services. It is also used as the dress uniform for many land forces and marines.
  • In heraldry, green is called vert.
  • In ancient China, green was the symbol of East and Wood, one of the main five colors.
  • In the United States and other areas that use the U.S. Dollar as currency, green symbolizes money because U.S dollars are printed on green paper.
  • In North American stock markets, green is used to denote a rise in stock prices. In East Asian stock markets, green is used to denote a drop in stock prices.
  • In night vision goggles, the color green is used to display the enhanced image because the human eye is able to discern the most shades in that color.
  • In auto racing a green flag signals the start or resumption of a race.
  • The emotion of envy is traditionally associated with the color green.
  • Green is the color of informational and directional signs in the United States and Australia.
  • The Green Screen was the common name for a monochrome CRT computer display using a green P1 Phosphor screen.
  • Green is the color of the snooker ball which has a 3-point value, and is also a common color for the baize on a snooker table.
  • The Green Lantern is a DC Comics superhero.
  • The Green Arrow is a DC Comics superhero.
  • The Green Goblin is a Marvel Comics supervillian.
  • The Marvel Comics hero The Incredible Hulk is green-skinned.
  • Green is the color generally associated with Plaid Cymru, the Welsh political party — but not for reasons of its political ideology.
  • The Green Party is any of various political parties emphasizing environmental issues, grassroots democracy, pacifism, and social justice.
  • British racing green is a popular color for cars. It was made famous by the likes of Bentley in the early 20th Century. It is the traditional color for race cars sponsored by British automakers.
  • In The Fifth Element, green is a fad expression popularized by talk show host Ruby Rhod indicating something trendy or stylish.
  • Bein' Green — a popular song by Kermit the Frog.
  • In Magic: The Gathering, green is one of the five colors of magic, consisting of nature-based spells and forest creatures
  • In Dante's Divine Comedy, green is the color used to symbolize hope.
  • In many countries, especially those in the former Soviet bloc, green is the color of the border guard.
  • n the United States Army, green is the color of the Military Police, whereas jungle green is the color of the United States Army Special Forces or "Green Berets".
  • A Bloods set,The Lime St Piru,use green to identify their members
  • In the Star Trek universe, the copper-based blood of Vulcans is colored green.
  • Clay is said to be in a green state when it has dried beyond a plastic state but is not yet dried. Thrown pots may be turned in a green state, burnishing is usually carried out on green clay.
  • In New Age philosophy, the color green is used to symbolically represent the fourth (Anahata) chakra.

—Wikipedia, "Green"

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