Mark & Linda's Tzatziki Tour of Greece, October 2017.
Kalo Nero, Wednesday, 2017.10.11.

We drove across the entire country in about the time it takes to reach Santa Barbara from my house outside Salinas. It was a shock, but shouldn't have been. Traveling as a poor student in 1979-80 was all about the Eurail pass: find the train station, read the time table, wait, get to the next town; then lug your backpack around on foot haggling with proprietors over two or three Drachma per night. It's very time-consuming to travel poor. In my memory the country was large, the distances far, the effort significant. In adulthood with a wallet full of platinum cards you simply rent a car and get where you're going. Where there's a villa waiting for you 'cos you reserved it via the Internet. "Money changes everything" — Cyndi Lauper.

Today and throughout the rest of our week in the Peloponnese we were gobsmacked by just how much the land resembles San Diego County. In grammar school I was taught that San Diego has a "Mediterranean" climate; the geology is even more exactly parallel. We found ourselves laughing about it and shaking our heads many many times.

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