Mark & Linda's Tzatziki Tour of Greece, October 2017.
Epidavros & Mycenae, Sunday, 2017.10.15.

Two of the most stunning ancient sites in the world, in a single epic day.

The beautiful Classical theater of Epidavros, almost perfectly preserved, legendary acoustics, gorgeous natural setting. Still used today as a venue for drama and music with audiences of 14,000+.

The breathtaking Bronze Age fortress at Mycenae, epicenter of the archaeological record, Homer's "strong city" beloved of Hera, where you walk beneath the Lion Gate to explore the palace of Agamemnon.

Perfect day.

This group narrates the morning at Epidaurus. This group narrates the afternoon at Mycenae.

As was the case throughout this trip, these Peloponnesian sites were considerably touristed — Mycenae massively so. This is a drastic change from 1979, when my college friends and I were entirely alone here. As you can see here, here, here, and particularly here, apart from ourselves there wasn't a soul, not even a guard, and we were free to literally lie down in the graves. I remember there being no charge to enter; and the museum is new since then. Very different today. It's possible this represents a change of season: December is cold in Greece, this October has been gorgeous. It seems more likely there's been a wide shift of interest in ancient places, driven at least in part by Evangelicals visiting biblical sites. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

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