Tiryns, Greece, 2017.10.17
Tiryns, Greece, 2017.10.17.
Nikon D7200, 12-24mm f/4G lens @18mm f/7.1, aperture priority.

"In ancient Greek tradition, Tiryns was thought to have been founded by Proitos who captured it from his brother Akrisios, king of Argos, and then had the bellyhand Cyclops from Lycia build for him the famous walls constructed of massive, irregular, limestone blocks, some weighing several tons. Akrisios was grandfather of Perseus, the founder of Mycenae, which allows for the mythology to place the creation of Tiryns two generations before Mycenae. It was also at Tiryns that Herakles served King Eurystheus, for whom he had to perform his celebrated twelve labours. Tiryns is also described by Homer in his catalogue of ships in Book 2 of The Iliad as 'walled Tiryns'."

— Mark Cartwright, "Tiryns", Ancient History Encyclopedia