Tiryns, Greece, 2017.10.17
Tiryns, Greece, 2017.10.17.
Nikon D7200, 12-24mm f/4G lens @12mm f/7.1, aperture priority.

"The acropolis of Mycenaean Tiryns, due to its excellent state of preservation, is a very fine example of Mycenaean palatial architecture and fortification. 28 m high and 280 m long, the citadel was built in three stages beginning c. 1600 BCE, with the first palace architecture dating to the 14th century BCE and finally being destroyed c. 1200 BCE by earthquake and conflagration. Tiryns remained an important, if more humble, settlement until the 7th century BCE, in which period it became a cult centre for the worship of Hera, Athena and Hercules. The town was then destroyed by the Argeians in the first half of the 5th century BCE. There is very sparse archaeological evidence of settlement in Roman times and indeed the Roman historian Pausanias, in the 2nd century CE, described it as deserted."

— Mark Cartwright, "Tiryns", Ancient History Encyclopedia