Mark & Linda's Tzatziki Tour of Greece, October 2017.
Athens, Friday, 2017.10.20.

In the morning we circumnavigated the Acropolis, in part shopping for presents in the Plaka, in part visiting the Pnyx — the original site of the Athenian Assembly — the home of Democracy. A pilgrimage which was especially interesting to me since TriadCity has a Pnyx of its own.

We'd hoped to climb the Acropolis one last time for sunset from on high — but were cruelly disappointed by lying tourist information: it's not open that late. Fine. Plan B. Back to the Pnyx to watch sunset turn the Acropolis gold, then purple in the fading light. Brilliant.

Ended the day at our Athenian Headquarters after a final hilarious dinner with our riotous pals, the waiters at Arcadia.

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