August 22, 2002:

She's grown up to be the worst manager in the world. No concept that, because she knows something, it doesn't follow that others know it too. Unable to think in terms of communication structures. Thus no-one grasps what's expected, what the goals are, what their focus should be.

Set up deliberately to fail by the PM in Needham. An old-school Big Six systems integrator who expects projects to be huge, over-budget, and past-deadline. Manipulates inferior, expensive, time-consuming technology choices which leave him with a more central role to play. Preys on the incompetence of his management.

One constant of right-wing ideology is that capitalism is more efficient than other systems. I haven't seen it. In my business career I've encountered just a handful of genuinely capable managers. So many are insecure: that "type A personality" business for instance. A mask for fear of inner worthlessness, their major talent being for hiding mistakes.