Jacob Lawrence, "Dreams No. 3 — Toreador" (1966)
Jacob Lawrence, Dreams No. 3 — Toreador (1966)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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July 5, 2004:

You're loading furniture into a car.

Your old apartment, where you lived as a child. Mixture of old furniture and new. Old: inexpensive, Danish Modern. New: cherrywood. The rooms are familiar, but they lead into new spaces you haven't seen while awake.

Property in strange places. Black bath towels, stored inside the oven. Strange property: some is yours, some isn't.

Empty apartment, except for these residues. Do you want them? Yes, some of them. Old leather jackets, for example. Can you believe you ever fit into something that small? No, you can't believe it.

In the street the furniture piles up, a tower, like a totem. Too bad the car doesn't run.