Jacob Lawrence, "Dreams No. 3 — Toreador" (1966)
Jacob Lawrence, Dreams No. 3 — Toreador (1966)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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July 24, 2004:

The apartment from your childhood. Morning light from east-facing windows.

Sleepy: just awake. Walk toward the kitchen. Stop: there are jagged holes in the living room windows. Ah. They've broken in again.

"Hello!" Shout. "If you're still here. Just leave. No problems." Look around: no property seems missing.

He's there in the kitchen. You sigh, exasperated. "Just go," you say.

No. He's got a small revolver, pointed at you. Gunfighter quick-draw and now you've got an automatic pointed at him. He won't leave, so, you fire.

As so often happens, there's no result. The situation remains unresolved.