April 12, 2005:

The dialectic of manipulativeness and martyrism.

I'm the only one who truly understands this project. Everyone else is doing it wrong.

Then when you call him on it he leaves. After having assured you, repeatedly and effusively, The reason is that I care so very, very much.

Manipulativeness and martyrism: the element in common is narcissism. This experience is all about me. About the way I perceive it. About my enjoyment and about my personal stature in the world.

Narcissism, and the need for a privileged relationship. To the point that he starts to speak in your name.

As a narcissist he must find the experience all very unique. The irony is that for you it's the third time. There's a logic to that narcissism and it plays out the same way over and over, like an old vinyl record with a scratch.