September 29, 2006:

Digital black and white, an alienated Film Noir, except for your shopping basket, painted vibrant digital green.

In all directions the shoppers move slowly, slowly, in the slowest of slow motions. They have empty-looking faces and, if you look closely, you'll note that they don't blink.

The gentleman at the head of the line takes his time removing a shopping basket from the stack. First he lines it with a bed of plastic, carefully, smoothing the plastic so that it clings to the corners. Then, he gently places his bagged green onions in one corner. Then, his bagged red peppers, carefully, not touching the onions. Then, his jars of pasta sauce. Each item placed carefully, gently, slowly. There's no hurry. While behind him grows a line of impatient shoppers, each one waiting in slow motion for a black and white basket of their own.