Jacob Lawrence, "Marketplace," 1966
Jacob Lawrence, Marketplace (1966)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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March 11, 2009:

eBay Q&A:

Q:  why is your shipping so high?

A:  It's personal. Since childhood, I just never liked you. Not sure why. Just how it is. So I spent many years conspiring with USPS to ensure that at this point in time, Priority Flat Rate plus insurance plus delivery confirmation comes out a few cents less than a nice round $21.50. I did it because I knew it would traumatize you. And I'm glad that it has. Then I rounded up by a few cents. My devious thinking is that, this way, I only have to sell 33,000,000 items to retire early on the $1M I've manipulatively tacked on to shipping costs. I see that my master plan is working. Couldn't be happier.