John Hultberg, "Road Through the Labyrinth" (1979)
John Hultberg, Road Through the Labyrinth (1979)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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April 25, 2012:

The gossip girls imply: life is for workbreaks.

Short and tall. Short: dowdy like a dumpling, square head, lime green sun dress with ruffles. Tall: orange-haired, freckled, hook-nosed, pallid, stooped, with envious green eyes that imply great cunning.

Trailing whispers as they pass your cube. Fragments: "She thought..." "They don't..." "She's just like..." Snickers, whispered, whispered, malicious and mean.

These are people who in time will come to dislike you, with that passionate intensity born of fear. You don't like to gossip. You're good at what you do. You generally tell the truth. You like most people on principle, until you catch them lying, or gossiping, or being bad at what they do.

Is this what "good" and "evil" mean, in the practical state? Think about everyone you've ever considered "evil". What were their qualities? Envy, spite, petty maliciousness. Is "evil" a synonym for "small"?