October 20, 2015:

Mid-Thirties Miss, hair still wet, tight pullover, knocking back the latte with a nondescript girlfriend. Casting secret glances over girlfriend's shoulder: apparently I'm interesting.

Middle-Aged Sir, receding hair, belly, ragged t-shirt creeping north of navel. To my surprise he turns out to be charming, walking right up to Mid-Thirties Miss, shaking hands, making her smile light up like megawatts, like klieg lights. "Enjoy your day, ladies!" Once he's out the door they exchange glances, not sure whether to laugh in derision or be honestly impressed.

Jowly Korean ladies in inappropriately tight black track suits, hair died to hide the gray, choose seats which block the view. I can no longer watch Mid-Thirties Miss and, more importantly, she can no longer cast surreptitious glances over her girlfriend's shoulder. Maybe next time.