October 30, 2015:

Big girls order whip on everything. It begins as coffee in a cup but morphs into a sundae. They're loud, aggressive, and in the way; shooting violent dirty looks at yours truly as I pick up my smoothie.

Old guys use iPads. White beard, tinted glasses, fishing vest, track pants, slouch. He's given up girls but he loves his computer. Perhaps he's flirting with girls online.

The girls have multicolored hair. They're gym-toned, energetic, talking over each other, texting, laughing about boys, laughing about professors, carrying laptop bags, drinking so much caffeine their eyeballs smoke. They're in baseball caps, track pants, running shoes. They're beautiful and they know it. They have no attention for fishing vest guys with iPads. He'll have to meet them in cyberspace, that vast magic continent where no-one knows you're an old dog, with or without new tricks.