June 12, 2016:

One, two, three precious pink princesses. Manicures, lavender bows, glitter. Nine or ten years old. Bar stools at Jose's. This is how La Jolla girls are made.

Princess Number Three shoots me the dirtiest of possible nine year old looks before sitting on mama's lap for protection. I'm gray, messy, black-jeaned, unshaved, and clearly don't give a fuck. Worse, I can't stop laughing. At her. Doubtful she's used to that.

Bartendress's tank top promises, "Tacos & Tequila". Bob Marley overhead: no, woman, no cry. Barmaid tough as fuck: she's Michelle Rodriguez in "Machete". Outside it's sun and heat and crowds.

My room is not yet ready. Exiled for an hour to the cantina.