June 27, 2016:

The depth of Weasel Boy's weaselry became apparent the day he was arrested for burglarizing my apartment.

By then we were no longer friends. I don't remember the argument but I'd knocked him down and sat on him for a few minutes, making it clear how badly I could have beaten him had I chosen to. I didn't actually want to hurt him.

He'd been my friend for a time. He'd had what I realize in hindsight has been a lasting influence by exposing me to his father's Playboy magazines, first taste of womanly nakedness. But he'd gotten into stealing. First shoplifting, then this burglary and probably others.


I don't know. Some people are just weasels. He was born to weaseldom and as he matured that's who and what he became.

"Fuck him. Fuck him to death and hell and back." —Pete Townshend