November 8, 2017:

Much of the commercialization feels incompetent.

"Menelaus Hotel"; "Agamemnon Café"; reproductions of bronze age weapons or armor. "Odysseus Travel Service", which, when you think about it... I suppose that if you choose to view the poor taste as deliberate it's mildly amusing in a kitschy kinda way. Mostly it feels forced, and false, and thoughtless.

I wonder what the pros would do?

Trojan War Theme Park.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Adventure Ride.
Heinrich Schliemann's Backhoe: the Video Game.
Clytemnestra Cleaner; Clytemnestra Fabric Softener; Clytemnestra Bath Oil with aloe;
     Clytemnestra Non-Dairy Topping with essential vitamins and iron.
"Fifty Ways to Kill Your Husband".
Greek Philosophers Playing Cards.

Oh wait, that last actually exists. I bought several packs for my friends in academe.