February 17, 2018:

She claims to have been to AA meetings with Billy Joel.
To have been a dancer on BET.
To have robbed a busload of tourists at gunpoint, with her former bf.
To have dated Peter Tork.
To have been mistaken for Lucy Lawless by two policemen in an underwear boutique, who asked for her autograph.
To have sung as a girl in Carnegie Hall.
To have attended university on a basketball scholarship.

The last two are verifiably true. I've seen the pictures.

I can additionally vouch from personal experience that she broke my shin with a pewter statuette of the Virgin Mary; bruised my kidney badly enough to put me in the ER; and detached both of my retinas somewhere in there. Also she sold my beloved Dobro roundneck for $100; and she sold my dead mother's jewelry and Swarovski collection. When she listed the latter on eBay she claimed to be "thinning my collection".

There's nothing unusual in any of this. It's not personal to her, or to me.

This is simply what addicts do.