February 20, 2018:

After introducing me to Monty Python she went with me to Monty Python and the Holy Grail during its theatrical run.

It was at a theater in Mission Valley. They gave us coconuts in an appropriately silly gesture of promotion. We cracked ours open on the curb afterwards to drink the delicious water.

She had to shush me during the opening credits. She pointed to the screen: There are jokes there.

I was gobsmacked. You can make jokes during the titles? I hadn't imagined that could ever be possible. That's how wide their comedy was. They utilized those corners of the medium which convention left empty.

I still use many of her eloquent expressions. "Politely evaporate" is a favorite.

She never has, and I'm glad for that. We're still in touch, albeit not closely, and we haven't seen each other face to face in years. But, there's the Internet and there's social media, so that we're able to keep track of one another from whatever distance geography and relationships impose. That's a sweet, happy thing.