April 5, 2018:

Cracks appear in her stories. Contradictions, discontinuities.

That her violence began after she was nearly killed by her ex bf. Her mother told me she'd been violent since childhood.

That she had in fact been nearly killed by her ex bf. I met his family, who were honest and genuinely puzzled. They said the night he was arrested it was his face that was bloody, there was not a mark on her, that her fists were bruised while his weren't. He accepted the felony conviction because he was blacked-out. I suspect it was unjust.

Her family have warned me of her lies. And of course, all addicts lie. In some ways it's the heart of the disease. I've tended to discount the warnings because I find her family to be such distasteful, frankly immoral people.

Her lies though are increasingly preposterous. That she and her ex bf robbed a tourist bus at gunpoint. That she danced on BET.

Nevertheless some of these stories deserve careful consideration. That she sold a former bf's beloved collection of vintage baseball cards, to punish him for disobedience. True or false, this does not bode well.