April 6, 2018:

When there's something she doesn't want to do she'll malinger out of it by faking an anxiety attack.

She doesn't want to go to group. She'll call to say, "A driver yelled at me on Highway 17. I had to pull over 'cos I couldn't breath."

She doesn't want to go to work. She'll write to say, "I collapsed on the sidewalk shaking and hyperventilating; the police took me to the emergency room." Later there's no ER bill.

Her mother told me it's always been like this. She doesn't want to change schools, she'll fall down frothing in the hallway.

The continual misdirection makes it difficult to judge her true motives. Is she serious about recovery? About supporting herself? Is she genuinely remorseful for the violence and the abuse?

Inquiring minds...