April 21, 2018:

The fourth was my greatest disaster.

My mother detested her 'cos she habitually lied. I eventually came to the same place but it took me thirty years longer than it took my mother.

My friends were of similar mind. I can't think of one who liked her. The universal encouragement was "You can do better."

I suppose. I dunno. I doubt it.

We could finish each other's sentences. We hated being apart and would talk on the phone for hours. She charmed me and made me laugh like no-one I've known. She had the most incredible ass I've ever nibbled. She was pure sex, she was down for whatever I wanted, and that's probably what held my interest far longer than was reasonable. She was ruthlessly disloyal and in the end she left without a word.

I don't remember what we did over that weekend. Fucked a lot, probably.