October 28, 2018:

There they are. Two criminals and a hostage.

Criminal Number One is now stocky. Still in his overalls and trucker's cap, although you have to wonder how long it's been since he worked a farm. Stiff with shoulders back, arms to his sides. Countenance grim, the "I disapprove of you and everything you stand for" look. His overalls are rolled-up into cuffs, the one human detail I can find. Otherwise he's a manikin.

Criminal Number Two is surprisingly baby-faced, granted how old he looks everywhere else. His nickname seems to actually have been "the old man", since that's how he refers to himself in his Army pictures. He has his Stetson, his Army glasses, his cowboy boots, his cowboy belt buckle. He's the Marlborough Man, while his father is Fred Ziffel from Green Acres.

Their hostage is between them, clutching her purse, looking away into the distance. As if to imply, OK, I'm here, but I don't have to like it.

Is she really a hostage? Were they all in on it together?

His little daughter is now seventeen, a high school senior in Lakeside, CA. She loves singing in the band, has a remarkably sophisticated-looking prom date, appears mighty durn proud of the trophies the band has won. Ten years from now he'll try hard to make things up to her, totally successfully from her point of view. What's he thinking in Apr 55?

I wish she were here to sort this out for me. Although the odds are certain she'd refuse.