November 26, 2018:

Wiry, scrappy, skinny little red-headed badass. Love in her heart and blood in her eye, both fists clenched, a person you take seriously and try not to crowd.

When I was young she was an official in her local. Treasurer? Not sure what. IAM. A fighter, a scrapper, a skinny little red-headed badass you take seriously at the negotiating table and try not to cross.

She told me once, "You can't trust the Communists. They change their position without warning."

That's very interesting.

She doesn't say they're traitors to the country, or not devoted to the cause of workers' rights. She says nothing of socialism one way or another. Instead she says: Union people can't work with that lot, 'cos they shift in the wind.

They're not reliable. They don't have your back.

That's stuck with me a very long time.