February 17, 2019:

"No it doesn't it goes up in the front and down in the back." It's a friendly argument. White-haired and dye-haired wives and husbands are debating hair styles. That, and recipes for pesto sauce. They're the Hair And Pesto Debate Club. It's their hobby, they seem to have been at it for years.

"No, my car's a Tesla." He says so, yet there seems to be some dispute. He appears nonplussed when his party all laugh.

"No, I went to Saint Regis." Job interview? Papers on the table, remote office at the coffee klatch, a certain formality, they certainly are meeting for the first time.

My date is late. I'm tripping balls on caffeine, my knee's bouncing, I'm down to run around the block. Thanks for keeping me company on a foggy coastal Sunday afternoon.