March 1, 2020:

I worked for her mother for a few weeks. It was awkward, and unpleasant.

She was not patient while I figured out how to use her staff card to checkout books. Generally she was not patient, although outside of work she was respectful and friendly.

Her thesis was surprisingly dimwitted. An accumulation of social metrics to model whether a society would "go Marxist". Confused, ahistorical, muddleheaded, to begin with lacking knowledgeable understanding of Marx and Marxism itself, which would by definition precluded such a dopey undertaking. A misguided attempt to apply quantification, in search of the "scientific method". You have to wonder what thesis advisor approved it.

I don't remember how the gig ended. Either I dropped it or there were budget cuts. It would have been awkward either way once I broke up with her daughter.