May 27, 2020:

She tried to force me, but I'd long opted out.

"You are getting on that plane and you are coming on this trip," she said, peremptorily, in her best approximation of adult authority.

"Really? What are you going to do, tie me up and throw me in the baggage compartment? Let's see you try." That was the end, and after less than half a heartbeat of consideration of the options she knew it.

I'd been beyond her at least two years. I'd never forced her to confront that reality, because I didn't want to hurt her, and because life was easier for me that way. This event forced my hand, and now the relationship was openly defined, or perhaps the better word would be delineated.

I don't honestly know what impact this had on her. She'd have been embarrassed to face her Cinderella forbears. My guess is once that was past the trip probably went easier for her. No me to avoid paying attention to, or have to explain, or be further embarrassed by when I told all but one of them to go fuck themselves. That one being my great-grandmother, Ivy, who had always treated me decently and with respect.