May 1, 2021:

People try to shove their seats back, the way they'd sink into an overstuffed chair. Interesting how often that happens. It adds nothing to their comfort, while jamming the laptop of the person behind them hard into that person's belly.

People lift themselves up from their seats by gripping the back of the seat in front of them and pulling themselves to their feet. I assume they lack the leg strength to stand without assistance. But yanking the seat in front of them is extremely uncomfortable for the passenger seated there. They could use the armrests to push themselves up. I guess. I dunno. They could do some squats at home a week before flying. Whatevs.

People hurl themselves backward into their seats, like falling down. They do this in the terminal and on the plane. It's as if they lack the muscle control to lower themselves, instead collapsing under gravity. Their fall rocks the entire row, sometimes making me nauseated if conditions are exactly wrong.

They bring smelly fast food on board, instead of eating it in the terminal. You can smell it six rows in every direction. They drink alcohol: ditto. The smell of alcohol can be severely nauseating on an empty stomach.

They slam the seatbacks with knees or drinks. They allow their unruly children to kick the seat in front of them.

This is all routine. Every flight features these behaviors singly or in combination.