August 7, 2021:

To the Greeks, aphasia meant "non-assertion". A Sceptic such as Sextus Empiricus practiced aphasia by declining to pronounce regarding the natures of things. By one interpretation it was an epistemological stance, distinguishing acceptance from knowledge, where knowledge required higher standards of proof which were all or at least mostly lacking.

This is the other kind.

There is some sort of disruption, an impediment perhaps, blocking signals which leave the brain but do not arrive, or arrive severely garbled, at the tongue. Similar perhaps to the mechanism underlying my MS: it just can't get there.

Is this then the long-awaited, time-defying descent from relapsing-remitting to the mortal cul-de-sac of of secondary-progressive? Which is, as they say, overdue.

I don't think so.

I know that slurring and other degradation to motor coordination can be symptoms. This isn't slurring. It's flat-out inability to get the mouth to form words, while meanwhile walking normally and even shooting hoops successfully just to see if I can. Seemingly accompanied by memory disruption dating to around the time I started the meds.

There are other theories suggested by my medical professionals. This is the one I like.