August 11, 2021:

Baby potatoes, red and gold, chopped in half.

Fill the steamer pot 1/3 with water. Add lemon juice, plus 2/3 of the herb packet which comes with packaged baby potatoes. Potatoes into steamer tray, which fits atop the pot. Glass lid on top. Boil.

Potatoes steam for 30 minutes. At 26 minutes add salmon steak, no prep necessary. At 27 minutes add frozen baby broccoli tips. At 30 minutes, done.

On the plate add to the potatoes extra virgin olive oil and the remainder of the herb packet. Serve for breakfast. Delicious.

I use a dedicated stainless steel steamer pot with removable stainless steel upper compartment for the food, and glass lid with hole for the steam to escape. I bought it 'cos stainless steel, and dishwasher safe, and the glass lid lets you watch the salmon. You really could use any old steamer insert but this is cool, and has copper handles which look sharp on the stove.