September 1, 2021:

The different working groups fail to coordinate. One group tells me I'm leaving today, another says that's preposterous, while the nurses have no idea and there seems to be no-one in overall control.

It falls on me, then. Which in a certain respect is as it should be.

I tell them I'm staying until my HGB level rises above the running-on-empty reading it's displayed since my arrival. I'm both surprised and not surprised that no-one pushes back. I know it costs them to house me in their ICU, so that at least one faction wants me out sooner than later. Yet the overall consensus seems to be that they owe me, granted it was their surgical fail which put me here, and granted further that I'd told them well before the emergency that things had gone wrong.

Ultimately though its their lack of intra-team coordination which creates the space for me to make the call. If no-one's in charge, I'll step into the void.