September 22, 2021:

Blaming the victim took some obvious forms.

A child burbling with ADHD was said to be ill-disciplined. She had trouble with concentration because she refused to knuckle-down. She had trouble restraining herself from running around the classroom because she was a brat.

It was late middle age before I fully realized why I'd spent so much school time counting the second hand while fidgeting. Naturally I'd been partly right in attributing boredom to poorly-explained, poorly-taught, not especially interesting topics. Later I learned the rest of it. That even with topics which fascinate me I'm limited in the number of pages I can consume at one sitting. With philosophy or other dense material it's five or ten pages, depending. That's my limit, where, for my time to be productive, the best decision is to move on. And so I keep piles of books in progress, switching between them as attention wanders.

That's not ill-discipline. It's a clever way to manage the constraints of my particular neurology. Just as vignettes are a clever way in which to be productive.