Mark & Linda's Tzatziki Tour of Greece, October 2017.
Argos & Nafplio, Saturday, 2017.10.14.

Drive from west coast to south; afternoon visit to classical Argos — sadly, Agamemnon's Mycenaen city is no more; short drive to rented cottage outside beautiful Nafplio; walk alongside the bay; dinner. Sweet day.

While my journal of my university trip to Greece in 1979-80 indicates that I spent the night in Argos on December 16, 1979 (at the Hotel Apollon, specifically). I have zero memory of the night or the town. Similarly, the record says I spent the night of the 17th in Nafplio at the King Otto Hotel, where my two friends and I splurged for hot showers. Again I have no recollection of any part of the experience. To my surprise, this is true of much of that trip. While my memory is generally quite vivid, very few images of that ten-week experience seem to have imprinted. If I don't have a photo, it doesn't exist. For me this is extremely unusual.

Nafplio is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. I'm considering buying a house there (really). Now's the time.

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